Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 279-282

Proteinograma de caprinos da raça Pardo-Alpina infectados naturalmente por parasitos gastrintestinais

Fernández, S. YJesus, E. E. VPaule, B. J. AUzêda, R. SAlmeida, M. A. OGuimarães, J. E

The proteinogram of six 12 month-old Alpine goats, intensively raised and naturally infected by gastrointestinal parasites, was evaluated. Blood and feces samples of each animal were monthly collected. Total serum protein and their fractions were determined by agarose gel eletrophoresis, using Tris buffer, pH 9.2. The identified protein fractions were albumin, alfa-globulin, beta1-globulin, beta2-globulin and gama-globulin, whose average and standard deviation (g/dl) were, respectively: 2.35±0.39, 0.69±0.36, 0.70±0.08, 0.48±0.08 and 1.52±0.41. It was not observed significative correlation (P>0.05), according to the Spearman non-parametric test, either between the Strongyloides eggs count per gram of feces or the Haemonchus spp. larval count per gram of feces and the fraction electrophorectly variable.(AU)

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