Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 136-139

Perfil hematológico e avaliação eletroforética das proteínas séricas de cães com cinomose

Silva, I. N. GGuedes, M. I. FRocha, M. F. GMedeiros, C. M. OOliveira, L. CMoreira, O. CTeixeira, M. F. S

The hematological and serum proteins electrophoretic profiles of 13 dogs with distemper (Lentz inclusion body in leukocytes) were studied. The most frequent hematological findings were: normocitic normocromic anemia (61%), leukopenia (46%), left shount (54%), trombocytopenia (69%) and lymphopenia (85%). Electrophoretic analysis of serum proteins showed hypoproteinemia (54%), with reduced albumin and increased alfa-2 globulin. These findings can be used to support the clinical diagnosis of canine distemper.(AU)

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