Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 766-769

Campilobacteriose genital bovina em rebanhos leiteiros com problemas reprodutivos da microrregião de Varginha - Minas Gerais

Stynen, A. P. RPellegrin, A. OFóscolo, C. BFigueiredo, J. FCanella Filho, CLeite, R. CLage, A. P

The frequency of bovine genital campylobacteriosis (BGC) in 157 cows from nine herds from the microregion of Varginha - Minas Gerais - Brazil was evaluated. Farmers use either artificial insemination and natural breeding after two insemination procedures or natural breeding. The diagnosis of BGC was performed by the direct fluorescent antibody test (DFAT) using vaginal mucus. All studied herds showed C. fetus infected animals and, of 157 animals, 40 (25.5 percent) were positive in DFAT: 7 (26.9 percent) from herds with natural breeding and 33 (25.1 percent) from herds with both artificial insemination and natural breeding after the second-to-third insemination. The high frequency of BGC found in this study shows that this disease is present among herds which have reproductive problems and the use of natural breeding after the second-to-third unsuccessful insemination could be a risk factor for the disease.(AU)

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