Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 510-513

Microhimenópteros parasitóides de dípteros muscóides coletados em diferentes substratos em área de mata em Itumbiara, Goiás

Marchiori, C. HPereira, L. AS. Filho, O. MRibeiro, L. C. SBorges, V. RArantes, S. B

This paper reports the occurrence of parasitoids in pupae of flies (Diptera) collected from several different substrata in Itumbiara, Goiás, Brazil. The pupae were isolated by flotation. They were individually placed into gelatin capsules and kept until the emergency of adult flies or their parasitoids. From March 2001 through April 2002, a total of 684 parasitoids and 830 pupae of flies were collected from humans feces, chicken viscera, fish, and bovine kidney. Brachymeria podagrica were identified in a high number of samples. The prevalence of parasitism was of 82.4 percent.(AU)

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