Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Uso de cetoanálogo na terapia da insuficiência renal canina

Veado, J.C.C.Oliveira, J.Menezes, J.M.C.Guimarães, P.T.C.

The efficacy of keto acids and essential amino acids on a two-year-old female dog, Labrador, suffering from Leishmaniasis and acute renal failure was evaluated by clinical and laboratorial analyses based on urea and creatinine dosages. An improving in the animal general condition and an increasing in the appetite, activity and weight gain, were observed and favorably contributed to the treatment of the primary disease. Ketoanalogueswere oraly administered during 76 days and the levels of urea and creatinine remained within acceptable limits, even after this period of time. Ketoanaloguescontributed positively for the treatment of acute renal failure and appears to be an important alternative for the leishmaniasis treatment.

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