Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Avaliação de associações e similaridades em epidemiologia veterinária por meio da análise de correspondência

Souza, G.N.Brito, J.R.F.Bastos, R.R.Rubiale, L.

Chi-square test and correspondence analysis were used to evaluate the relationship between class of milk somatic cells count (0-300,000; 301,000-600,000; and >600,000 cells/ml) and type of milking in data from 87 herds that comprised manual and machine milking. Chi-square test showed no relationship between process of milking and class of milk somatic cells count but the correspondence analysis showed higher relationship between manual milking and class of somatic cells count >600,000 cells/ml in comparison to the other classes of somatic cells count (0-300,000 and 301,000-600,000 cells/ml). The graphic representation of the correspondence analysis (dimension 1) showed similarity of somatic cells count for manual and pipeline milking systems.

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