Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Dípteros muscóides de importância médica e veterinária e seus parasitóides em Goiás

Marchiori, C.H.Castro, M.E.V.Paiva, T.C.G.Teixeira, F.F.Silva, C.G.

The objective of this work was to identify flies of medical and veterinary importance and their natural enemies, located around the city of Itumbiara, GO, Brazil. Five thousand eight hundred and twenty-five muscoid dipterous insects and parasitoids were collected from a Brazilian savanna (cerrado) area of Itumbiara. Substrates for obtaining flies were liver. The most frequent fly and parasitoid species found were: Fannia pusio (29.2%) and Atherigona orientalis (26.8%) (flies), Nasonia vitripennis (56.0%) and Brachymeria sp. (26.6%) (parasitoids). Musca domestica was the dipterous species of greatest sanitary importance collected. This is the first report of the species Brachymeria sp. and Hememcyrtus sp. in the State of Goias. Data contribute to the knowledge of dipterous and parasitoids fauna in the state of Goias.

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