Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 125-134

Manipulation of ovarian and uterine function to increase conception rates in cattle

Binelli, MMachado, RBergamaschi, M. A. C. MBertan, C. M

In cattle, embryonic and fetal losses are the major causes of reproductive failure. Losses associated with failure in the process of maternal recognition of pregnancy can amount to as much as 30%. Successful establishment of pregnancy depends on a delicate balance between luteolytic mechanisms inherent to the endometrium at the end of diestrus and antiluteolytic mechanisms, orchestrated by the conceptus to change endometrial function and, ultimately, block luteolysis. Antiluteolytic strategies are pharmacological, mechanical, nutritional and management manipulations of the process of maternal recognition of pregnancy that aim to increase the probability of successful gestations. Objective of the present paper is to review the recent literature on antiluteolytic strategies in cattle. Specifically, we focused on strategies to stimulate production of progesterone, strategies to reduce production of estradiol and other strategies. Future directions for research in this area are proposed.(AU)

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