Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Cryptorchidism in free-living jaguar (Panthera onca): first case report

Jorge-Neto, Pedro NacibSilva, Maitê Cardoso Coelho daCsermak-Júnior, Antonio CarlosSalmão-Júnior, Jorge AparecidoAraújo, Gediendson Ribeiro deOliveira, Gustavo deLeuzinger, LucasPizzutto, Cristiane SchilbachDeco-Souza, Thyara de

Cryptorchidism is a genital alteration wherein one or both testicles fail to descend into the scrotum and has multifactorial causes. A free-range adult male was captured twice in the Pantanal of Nhecolândia to put a GPS collar and semen collection. Pharmacological semen collection, andrological examination and semen analysis were performed. At the first capture and during the andrological examination only the left testis was found, and the male qualified as cryptorchid. The penis had no penile spines at either procedure. The semen volume obtained at first and second capture was 435 and 160 L, respectively, with a concentration of 618 and 100 x 106 sperm/mL, progressive motility of ~ 5% and ~ 1% and total morphological sperm abnormalities of 74% and 86%. The male was monitored by a GPS collar, but the signal was lost, making it difficult to re-captures and perform new seminal and ultrasound evaluations to discard monorchidism exceedingly rare in felids. Genetic studies to assess the individual's homozygosity are necessary to verify whether cryptorchidism in this individual has a genetic factor.(AU)

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