Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 996-1002

Natural and controlled ovulation in South American camelids

Adams, Gregg PRatto, Marcelo HCarrasco, Rodrigo A

The four species of New World camelids and 2 species of Old World camelids derived from a common ancestor in North America. The reproductive characteristics, particularly those involving ovarian function and ovulation, are remarkably similar among the 6 living species of camelids, so much so that interspecies hybrids of nearly all possible combinations have been documented. Camelids are induced-ovulators, triggered by an ovulation-inducing factor in seminal plasma. The timing and mechanism of endocrine events leading to ovulation are discussed, as well as the discovery, identification and mode of action of the seminal factor responsible. The applied aspects of our present understanding are discussed with specific reference to controlled induction of ovulation, ovarian synchronization, and superovulation. Emphasis has been given to the literature on llamas and alpacas, with some reference to studies done in wild species of South American camelids and Old World camels.(AU)

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