Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 751-764

Looking at the big picture: understanding how the oviduct’s dialogue with gametes and the bryo shapes reproductive success

Fernandez-Fuertes, BeatrizRodríguez-Alonso, BeatrizSánchez, José MaríaSimintiras, Constantine ALonergan, PatrickRizos, Dimitrios

The oviduct is a tubular organ comprising three distinct anatomical regions (the infundibulum, the ampulla and the isthmus) connecting the ovary and the uterus. Oviductal function is regulated by ovarian hormones, gametes, and embryo-derived factors, for optimally facilitating key reproductive events. A crosstalk is established between the oviduct and the gametes and embryo and this dialogue shapes the microenvironment in which gamete transport, fertilization, and early embryonic development occur. This review aims to address each participant in this conversation in a holistic manner by delineating several advances in the field within the greater context of understanding how oviduct-gamete and oviduct-embryo dialogue shape reproductive success and furthermore how this knowledge can be applied in vitro.(AU)

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