Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 912-922

Effect of maternal diet on placental development, uteroplacental blood flow, and offspring development in beef cattle

Vonnahme, Kimberly ATanner, Amelia RHildago, Manuel Alexander Vasquez

Considerable effort has been made to understand how nutrition influences livestock health and productivity during the postnatal period. Moreover, while efforts have been made to understand how nutrition impacts many different aspects of female reproduction, there is a growing body of literature that focuses on how maternal nutrition impacts the developing fetus. Providing adequate nutrition during pregnancy is important for maternal health and wellbeing, as well as conceptus development. Proper establishment of the placenta is important for fetal survival. However, placental adaptations to inadequate maternal nutrition, or other stressors, are imperative for fetal growth to be optimal. By understanding how the maternal environment impacts uterine and umbilical blood flows and other uteroplacental hemodynamic parameters, we can better implement supplementation strategies to protect the developing offspring. This review focuses on how maternal nutrition affects conceptus growth in sheep and beef cattle and offspring performance after birth.(AU)

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