Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 261-270

Contributions from the ovarian follicular environment to oocyte function

Collado, Maite delAndrade, Gabriella MamedeMeirelles, Flávio VieiraSilveira, Juliano Coelho daPerecin, Felipe

The magnitude of oocyte’s role for embryo development is categorical. This unique cell contains the machineries and cellular components necessary to remodel male and female chromatin, to sustain early development and to, ultimately, generate a complete and complex individual. However, to gain these competences before fertilization, the oocyte undergoes several morphological, cellular and molecular changes during its lifetime enclosed in the ovarian follicle. This review will briefly revisit how the oocyte orchestrate the follicular cells, and how molecules transit to the oocyte from the innermost (cumulus) and outermost (antrum and granulosa cells) layers surrounding the follicle-enclosed oocyte. Finally, we will discuss the interferences of in vitro culture conditions in the communication of the oocyte with its surrounding cells and the potential strategies to modulate these communication systems to increase oocyte competence.(AU)

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