Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1253-1258

Head morphometry and chromatin instability in normal boar spermatozoa and in spermatozoa with cytoplasmic droplets

Gaggini, Thais SchwarzRocha, Lays OliveiraSouza, Elisson TerêncioRezende, Fernanda Marcondes deAntunes, Robson CarlosBeletti, Marcelo Emílio

In boar studs, morphological analyses are used to evaluate sperm quality and there by categorize ejaculates as either approved or rejected. Normally, morphological characteristics correlate with chromatin disorders, but studies to date have only considered the average of abnormalities; cells were not segregated as normal or abnormal. The aim of this study was to assess whether the presence of cytoplasmic droplets was associated with morphometric characteristics and chromatin instability of spermatozoa heads. Morphological analyses were performed on semen from 11 boars using phase contrast microscopy (200 cells per sample). Normal cells were differentiated from those with cytoplasmic droplets and both types were evaluated separately. Photomicrographs were acquired ofnormal spermatozoa (Group NOR, N = 1,207) as well as spermatozoa with proximal and distal cytoplasmic droplets (Group DROP, N = 725). Sperm-head morphometry and chromatin structure were evaluated using the toluidine blue technique. Spermatozoa heads in the DROP group were longer (8.37 ± 0.60 × 8.31 ± 0.53; P = 0.025), narrower (4.16 ± 0.21 × 4.19 ± 0.19; P = 0.03), And more symmetric on the sides (0.973 ± 0.012 × 0.971 ± 0.011; P = 0.007) than were spermatozoa heads of the NOR group. The DROP group also had a greater average ellipticity (0.335 ± 0.034 × 0.329 ± 0.031; P= 0.0004),a greater percentage of decondensed chromatin (2.71 ± 3.87 × 2.28 ± 1.38; P < 0.0008), and a greater chromatin heterogeneity (4.66 ± 1.40 × 4.40 ± 1.42;P < 0.0001). A greater frequency of semen collection results in a shorter period of cell maturation and this probably affected the degree of chromatin condensation and the cytoplasmic droplet migration, with concomitant effect onthe head morphometry measurements.(AU)

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