Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 324-327

Comparison between the conventional and automated systems for frozen cooled equine semen

Oliveira, R. ADuarte, F. BGambarini, M. L

This study aims to compare the efficiency of the automated system (controlled-rate freezer) and the conventional system (manual system) for freezing the equine semen after cooling at 16oC. The parameters evaluated were: motility, strength, plasmatic and acrosomal membrane integrity of spermatozoa from twelve stallions. Ejaculates from stallions were collected three times per week, during four weeks. Gel-free semen was diluted in skim milk extender and cooled at 16ºC for 24 h. After cooling, extended semen was centrifuged at 600 x g for 10 min. The supernatant was removed and sperm pellets were re-suspended using the freezing extender. Samples were then packed into 0.5 ml straws, which were divided into two parts: one for cryopreservation in a controlled-rate freezer (CR) and the other for a manual system (MS). In this study, CR showed higher values for motility (44.6%), viability (57.9%) and plasmatic membrane integrity (29.3%) when compared with MS (20, 35.7 and 5.1%), (P < 0.05), respectively, after 24 h of cooling at 16ºC. The automated system for cryopreservation of cooled semen at 16°C for 24 h was more efficient, with higher values of motility, viability and plasmatic membrane integrity when compared with the manual system.(AU)

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