Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 45-48

Absence of the right forelimb in Corythomantis greeningi Boulenger, 1896: case report

Faria, Marcelo Domingues deRibeiro, Leonardo BarrosNicola, Patrícia AvelloPereira, Luiz César MachadoGradela, AdrianaConstantino, Aline da Costa

Description of absence of the distal part of the right thoracic limb in an individual of the species Corythomantis greeningi.  Thereunto, it was performed radiographic evaluations in ventrodorsal projection followed by dissection of the piece and scanning electron microscopy. It was possible to verify in the radiograph that the affected limb still had the humerus. Scanning electron microscopy revealed irregularities, grooves, and fissures, typical of clipping fractures, which led to limb amputation. Considering the scarce literature, the importance of studies to distinguish malformations from those lesions that lead to the amputation of body segments is noted.(AU)

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