Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 10-16

Community perception and attitudes about the behavior of stray dogs in a college campus

Martinez, EdilbertoCesário, Clarice SilvaDias, João VítorSilva, Ita de Oliveira eSouza, Vanner Boere

Stray dogs are part of the scene in many cities, including Viçosa, where they gather at UFV campus. In order to understand the relation people have with stray dogs, 385 individuals answered to a semi-structured questionnaire. The number of stray dogs is high for most people; this dog population is mostly composed of adult males of undefined breed. Dogs perform most of their activities in the campus. Food sources appear to be varying and lure dogs into central territories, thus reducing the predatory pressure on wildlife. Interviewees are concerned with the low well-being level faced by stray dogs, although just half of them would adopt a dog to minimize the problem; most interviewees are against euthanasia. People acknowledge that stray dogs in the campus are an issue to the community and to dogs themselves. It seems that people are willing to find solutions to the stray dog issue.(AU)

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