Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 155-159

Influence of the natural dyes bixin and curcumin in the shelf life of eggs from laying hens in the second production cycle - doi: 10.4025/actascianimsci.v34i2.12096

Laganá, ChristineCachoni Pizzolante, CarlaHelena Nogueira Turco, PatríciaEvandro de Moraes, JoséSalgado Politi Braga Saldanha, Érika

This study was developed to evaluate the effect of adding natural pigments on the storage of eggs from laying hens in the second production cycle submitted to diets based on corn and low-tannin sorghum. A total of 160 eggs from Hy-Line Brown laying hens at 90 - weeks old after forced molting were used. The study evaluated the isolated effect and the interaction of two factors: the inclusion of natural pigments (control diet - 50% low-tannin sorghum replacing the corn; RC - 2% powdered dry turmeric rhizome; PU - 2% dry annatto powder; RCPU - 1% turmeric rhizome + 1% dry annatto powder) combined with the storage period (0, 3, 7, 14 and 21 days). The studied variables were: specific gravity, percentages of yolk, albumen and shell in relation to the egg weight, and yolk color. Yolk color was more intense with increasing percentage of annatto. The inclusion of 2% annatto powder promotes and maintains an adequate pigmentation of egg yolk when stored for up to 21 days. Regardless of natural pigment supplementation, the egg quality decreases as storage time increases. 

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