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Quantificação de Staphylococcus aureus e bactérias mesófilas aeróbias para avaliar higienização de equipamentos de ordenha

Bohrz, Daniela de Avila SilvaWebber, BrunaVancin, Franciele RampazzoDaroit, LucianePilotto, FernandoSantos, Luciana Ruschel dosRodrigues, Laura Beatriz

Background: Milk’s composition is an excellent substrate for microorganism’s multiplication. Presence of Staphylococcusaureus and aerobic mesophilic bacteria are one of the most common problems in dairy farms. On dairy industry’s and milkfarms Clean in Place (CIP) system higyenization are commonly used, then the cleaning occurs as a closed process, forbetter results sanitizans are applied, in order to obtain a safety food. This project aim to evaluate Staphylococcus aureusand aerobic mesophilic bacteria reduction after two milking higyenization process.Materials, Methods & Results: This research was done on a Rio Grande do Sul North Milk farm, with mechanized milkingand Clean in Place system for cleaning. For liners and CIP tubes higyenization commercial products as Sodium Hipoclorite3% and phosphoric acid 11.3% are used for detergency, and peracetic acid 5% for sanitization. Milk bunk tank are higyenized with sodium hypoclorite 3.8% alcalin detergent. After higyenization steps liners, CIP’s water process, bulk milk tankand milk set were collected. At process 1, liners and CIP water were collected after milking, detergency and sanitizationthat occurred immediately at the detergency’s finish, while process 2 the sanitization was realized 8 h after detergency,before following milking. Cooling milk bulk tank was collected before and after detergency, and milk set after milkingsConvencional microbiology were used to count and results in log10

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