Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Fraturas e luxações vertebrais em cães

Pereira, Desydere TrindadeSchwab, Marcelo LuísFerrarin, Denis AntonioRipplinger, AngelAiello, GracianeHerculano, Licia FlaviaWrzesinski, Mathias ReginattoRauber, Júlia da SilvaMoro, Samanta SimonMazzanti, Alexandre

Background: Vertebral fractures and luxations (VFL) are a major cause of neurologic injury in small animals. They aremost commonly associated with severe external trauma from road traffic accidents, aggression, or falls from heights. Therewere few studies concerning VFL, mainly on results of treatments and sequelae. This retrospective work aimed to studypatients with extrinsic trauma in the spinal cord that were treated at the Neurology and Neurosurgery Service of a HigherEducation Institution in Brazil from 2007 to 2018, describing main etiologies, location of lesion, degree of neurologicaldysfunction, treatment, results and sequelae after surgical or conservative therapy.Materials, Methods & Results: One hundred and nine dogs of various breed and ages were included in this study. Themain etiology of the spinal cord injury in these dogs were fractures and/or dislocations caused by road traffic accidents(66%), followed by interaction with other animals (5.5%). The body region most frequently affected by the lesions were thethoracolumbar segment (T3-L3) of the vertebral spine (52.3%), followed the lumbosacral segment [L4-S3] (38.5%). Thedegrees of the most prevalent neurological dysfunctions for each of the segments were grade V in 73.7% of the dogs withlesions between T3-L3, and grade III in 54.8% of the dogs with lesions in L4-S3. Twenty-one tutors of dogs subjected tosurgery and 20 tutors of dogs that underwent clinical treatment could be contacted by phone. Statistical analysis performedon data from these patients indicated that there was no significant correlation between the motor recovery and the type oftreatment instituted. However, when the degree of motor dysfunction was analyzed in conjunction with recovery, mildergrades were found to be accompanied by the best recovery results.Discussion: Road traffic accidents were the most common cause of damage to the spinal cord, a finding described inother studies on...(AU)

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