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Prolapso uretral em um cão da raça American Pit Bull

Santos, Juliana GodoyMartini, Andresa de CássiaMonteiro, Bianca GaraySchroder, Deise CristineFranco, Gabrielle DouradoMascarenhas, Lívia Caroline deSouza, Roberto Lopes de

Background: The urethral prolapse in dogs is a rare condition known by the protrusion of the urethral mucous membrane and the external orifice of the urethra. It is more frequently seen in young males, especially of brachycephalic breeds, for instance the English bulldog. Despite the pathophysiology of this disorder being little elucidated, it is believed that the cause is related to factors such as genetic susceptibility, excessive sexual behavior, traumas, abnormalities and urinary and prostatic problems. Due to limited reports on the subject, this paper aims to describe the clinical and surgical aspects of a case of urethral prolapse in a dog, surgically corrected.Case: Admitted to the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Mato Grosso (HOVET-UFMT) a dog, American Pit Bull, 7 months old, with previous history of bleeding in the penile region and pain while urinating. In the physical exam it presented: intermittent bleeding via external ostium of the urethra, increased volume and protrusion of the distal urethral mucous membrane and the external orifice of the urethra, which was presenting a round shape mass, edematous and little congested of red-purplish coloring, evidenced by the passing of urethral probe. The diagnosis of urethral prolapse was confirmed and, after conducting laboratory tests and obtaining normal results for the species, the animal was sent to surgery. It was opted for the technique of resection and anastomosis of the protruded portion of the mucous membrane. After the anesthetic protocol, it was performed the trichotomy and antisepsis of region, the fenestrated drapes were properly positioned and the urethral catheterization was done, afterwards 3 points of support were produced with nylon thread 3-0, involving the urethra and the external portion of the penis.[...](AU)

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