Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

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Pathomorphological and immunohistochemical evaluation of unilateral progressive Mooren’s ulcer in a cat

Alcigir, Mehmet ErayKutlu, TuncerErgin, IremKarabulut, SefikaAlcigir, Gunay

Background: Mooren’s ulcer is a chronic and painful ulceration of the cornea. It begins progressively in the periphery and spread centrally in cornea. In human, it is seen uniaterally in most of cases. Mooren ulcer has not been reported in any kind of animals up to now. Although its aetiology is not completely enlighted, it has been suspected of the inflammatory reaction against injuries-microbiological and immun mediated effects. Immun response in presence of accumulation of immune complexes into the limbal vessels.As a result of the deficit in the regulatory mechanism because the number of suppressor cells control over B and T lymphocytes, These situations can result in a progressive tendancy to inflammation because the production of autoantibodies and/or lymphokine from cytotoxic T-lymhocytes creates an immune-mediated vasculitis. Numerous immigrant inflammatory cells and proteins are evaded from vessels. After triggering inflammatory cells and releasing of meditors, corneal vascularization, scar tissue and re-epithelization develop. This regenerative-reperative process plays an important role during post-inflammatory process.Case: In this case, it was aimed to detect pathomorphological structure and immunologic relations in progressive Mooren’s ulcer (MU). A 1 year-old mix breed cat was submitted to clinic with complaints of progressive painful and eyesight loss in left eye. There were 1 cm-ulceration, opacification and old haemorrhagic areas at peripheral cornea. Histopathologically, there was wide ulceration including all layers of corneal epithelium and particularly vacuolar degeneration at suprabasal cells. In corneal stroma, numerous neutrophiles and mononuclear cells were infiltrated. Neovascularisation and fibrosis beginning from limbus were also present. This fibrotic progress was confirmed by Masson’s trichrome staining method.[...](AU)

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