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Effects of ovarian pathologies and uterine inflammations on adenomyosis in bitches

Yazlık, Murat OnurTunc, Arda SelinColakoglu, Hatice EsraVural, Mehmet RifatKuplulu, SukruPolat, Ibrahim MertOz, BurcuKurt, SerdalVural, Sevil Atalay

Background: Adenomyosis is a non-neoplastic condition, characterized by the presence of endometrial glands or cells in the myometrium. Adenomyosis is defined by post-operative microscopic examination of uterine tissue and a rarely seen infertility problem in bitches. The process of transformation of healthy uterus into adenomiotic uterus is still a mystery. We aimed to determine role of ovarian pathologies and uterine inflammations on pathogenesis of uterine adenomyosis in bitches.Cases: After ovariohysterectomy, the uteri were fixed and processed by routine methods. Sections were stained with HematoxylinEosin, Masson’s trichrome and Periodic-Acid-Schiff and immunohistochemically; with p53 protein, Ki-67, α-smooth-muscle actin, cytokeratin-CK 8, 14, 19 antibodies, estrogen and progesterone receptors by Avidin-Biotin-Complex-Peroxidase method. Histopathologically, 7 of the collected tissue samples (n = 38) were diagnosed as adenomyosis. There were unilateral (n = 6) or bilateral (n = 1) adenomyosis in which endometrial glands had broken through the myometrium, and in some cases there were fibromyoma, inflammation, papillary hyperplasia and cysts in glands. Vaginal fibroma, fibromyoma and benign mix tumor (n = 1), simple carcinoma (n = 3), carcinosarcoma (n = 3) in mammary gland were determinated histopathologically. In addition to these findings, follicular cysts (n = 4), parovarian cyst (n = 1), adenocarcinoma and Rete ovarii adenoma were diagnosed in some ovaries. The CK 19 was scored at endometrial glands (n = 2) positively and also, muscle fibers were stained positively with α-smooth-muscle actin antibody (n = 7).Discussion: Adenomyosis is an infertility problem in adult dogs and is hard to detect with routine gynecological examinations. Adenomyosis can be seen unaccompanied by other gynecological problems such as endometritis or leiomyomas, while mammary tumors with adenomyosis have been previously reported in women and in only one case of a bitch.[...](AU)

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