Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

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A comparasion of laboratory and cardiopulmonary effects of desflurane, detomidine and medetomidine anaesthetic combinations in horses

Erol, HanifiArican, Mustafa

Background: Equine anesthesia morbidity and mortality rates are greater than in other domestic animals because of hypotension and hypoventilation. The important features desired in general anesthesia for horses are a rapid effect, rapid emergence and balanced anesthesia. The long duration of action of currently used anesthetic agents cause various complications in horses. The aim of the present study was to compare the clinical effects of combination of the anesthetics desflurane, detomidine and medetomidine in horses.Materials, Methods & Results: Eight healthy mixed-breed horses (four males and four females) with weighing 275 ± 56 kg [mean ± standard deviation (SD)] and aged 6.8 ± 5 years [(mean ± SD)] were used for this study. The horses were placed into one of four groups: group I (detomidine-desflurane), group II (detomidine-desflurane-atipamezole), group III (medetomidine- desflurane), or group IV (medetomidine-desflurane-atipamezole). Horses were rested for 15 days before each group starts to study. Intravenous detomidine (25 μg/kg) was used for premedication in groups I and II, and intravenous medetomidine (7 μg/kg) was used for premedication in groups III and IV. Ketamine hydrocholoride (2 mg/kg) and midazolam (0.03 mg/kg) were intravenously administered in the same syringe to induce anesthesia. After induction of anesthesia, horses were placed in the left lateral recumbent position, and the trachea was intubated with a cuffed endotracheal tube with an internal diameter of 28 mm. The endotracheal tube was attached to a large animal circle breathing system anesthesia machine, and anesthesia was maintained with desflurane for 90 min. The initial dosage of desflurane was 14% + 4 L O2/min, and was reduced by 2% every 10 min over the first 30 min of anesthesia. After 30 min, the desflurane dose was changed to 8% + 4 L, which was maintained until the end of anesthesia (90 min).[...](AU)

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