Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Paralisia facial secundária a hipotireoidismo em cão

Chaves, Rafael OliveiraCopat, BrunaFeranti, João Pedro ScusselFerrarin, Dênis AntonioSchwab, Marcelo LuisSchneider, LucianaFrança, Raqueli TeresinhaMazzanti, Alexandre

Background: Secondary neurological disorders hypothyroidism is unusual in dogs, especially when compared with other clinical signs, such as lethargy, weight gain and dermatological alterations. When manifested, these signals refer to the peripheral or central nervous system and the most common include: vestibular disease, seizures, laryngeal paralysis, polyneuropathy and paralysis of the facial nerve. Several reports of neurological disorders associated with hypothyroidism are found in literature, basically international. In the national literature, however, there are few reports on the subject. Thus, the aim of this study was to report a case of facial paralysis associated with hypothyroidism in a dog. Case: A male canine, the boxer race, with 7-year-old were referred to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital of the UFSM with a history of difficult water and food intake and asymmetry of the face for seven days. On neurological examination, the animal found itself alert and locomotion, postural reactions and segmental reflexes without changes. In the evaluation of the cranial nerves, there was a menace response absent the right side, however with preserved vision, palpebral and lip ptosis of the right side and reflection palpebral absent on the same side. Opposite the historical, clinical, neurological and laboratory test findings, the diagnosis was facial paralysis secondary [...](AU)

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