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Estudo meta-analítico de diferentes níveis de aflatoxinas no desempenho de frangos de corte de 1 a 21 dias alojados em baterias

Boemo, Lenise SchroderKarkow, Ana KátiaLucca, WalterRosa, Alexandre PiresLuz, Thaísa SiqueiraPotter, LucianaSanturio, Janio Morais

Background: Mycotoxins are substances originated from the fungal secondary metabolism, which grow in cereals and derivatives are widely used in animal feed. The main mycotoxins interesting for the poultry industry are the Aflatoxins (AFL), since they cause large impacts on the productive and reproductive performance of birds. The goal of this study is to evaluate the effect of different concentrations of AFL on the performance of broiler chickens created from 1 to 21 days in experimental series, by means of meta-analysis of completed studies executed in different years in Poultry Laboratory, Federal University of Santa Maria.Materials, Methods & Results: The experiments involved 2160 male broiler chicks fed diets containing different concentrations of aflatoxin (0, 1, 2.5 and 3 ppm). The experiments were conducted in three experimental series for chicken broilers, installed in a 30 m² air-conditioned experimental aviary. The environment temperature was conditioned by mechanical air conditioner system. Each experimental unit was equipped with a feeder and drinker. The environment was artificially illuminated 24 h. The analyzed growth performance variables were: weight, weight gain, daily weight gain and food consumption, in addition to the relative weight of organs: heart, liver and spleen at the end of the trial period. The data were subjected to chi square and averages were compared by Bonferroni a 5% level of significance. Statistical analysis was performed through the SAS statistical package. The different levels of AFL significantly influenced all analyzed parameters. The average weight of birds, the weight gain and daily weight gain were higher depreciated in birds fed 2.5 and 3 ppm AFL. Feed intake was lower in birds fed 2.5 ppm of AFL. The level of 3 ppm AFL resulted in high mortality of birds and the weight of spleen and liver increased due to the AFL.[...](AU)

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