Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1-7

Effect of supplementation of prebiotic oligosaccharides to diets containing zinc propionate on some serum enzymes, metabolites and electrolytes in broilers

Ateş, AtilaGürsel, Feraye EsenAltıner, AyşenBilal, TanayKeser, Onur

Background: Zinc is needed as essential for many physiological functions in humans and animals. Chitosan is a natural substance produced in the body from glucose and some biological effects such as antimicrobial and immune modification mechanisms. β-glucans are polysaccharides of D-glucose monomers and have important roles in antitumor and antimicrobial activity in animals. Inulin is used for its effects on immune function, bioavailability of minerals, lipid metabolism and gastrointestinal tract health. The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of chitosan oligosaccharide (COS), β-glucan, and inulin on some serum enzymes, metabolites and electrolytes in broilers.Materials, Methods & Results: A total of 96 male and 1-day-old Ross broiler chicks were used in the study. The ambient temperature was maintained at 33ºC for the first 3 days, which was gradually reduced by 3ºC a week until reaching 24ºC. Chicks had free access to food and tab water. Basal diets containing the soybean meal and corn were prepared for starter (day 1 to 21) and grower (day 22 to 42) periods. Chicks were equally assigned to eight dietary treatment groups: Control (basal diet); Zn (zinc propionate, 1%); Chitosan (Chitosan, 0.025%); β-glucan (β-glucan, 0.05%); Inulin (inulin, 1%); Zn+Chitosan (zinc propionate, 1% + Chitosan, 0.025%); Zn+ β-glucan (zinc propionate, 1% + β-glucan, 0.05%) and Zn+Inulin (zinc propionate, 1% + inulin, 1%). Blood samples were collected from V. brachialis before feeding in the morning on days 21 and 42. Serum K levels were found lower in Zn+COS group than in COS and control groups on day 21 (P < 0.05). They were insignificantly different among all groups on day 42 in the study. Serum sodium levels were significantly higher in inulin group on day 21 and in control group on day 42 than other groups.[...](AU)

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