Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Efeitos da suplementação com Glutamina e Glutamato sobre os índices hematimétricos e biomarcadores sanguíneos de equinos

Manso, Helena Emília Cavalcanti da Costa CordeiroSilva, Carolina Jones Ferreira Lima daBarbosa, Bruno de LimaVasconcelos, João Luis de AlbuquerqueManso Filho, Hélio Cordeiro

Background: Glutamine (Gln) is an essential amino acid that acts as a “primitive hormone” for enterocytes. It is knownthat is an important source of carbon and nitrogen for various molecules in different metabolic processes. However, dueto the characteristics of its metabolism, which is widely consumed by intestinal cells and cells of the immune system,very few studies of the supplementation of horses with Gln are available. Therefore, the aim of the present study was todetermine the effects of supplementation with a mixture of Gln and Glutamate (Glu) on blood indices and biomarkers ofthe metabolism of proteins and fats in gaited athlete horses.Materials, Methods & Results: Male and female adult Mangalarga Marchador horses (n = 11) with an average bodymass of 390 kg were used in the present study. All of the animals were from a training center, where they were trainedand mounted three times per week. The physical activity lasted 50 min, of which 10 min involved walking (warm-up),followed by 30 min of “marcha” gait (velocity: ~ 3.4 m/s) and another 10 min of walking (recovery). The animals weremounted on a plane grass track. These horses received a daily dose of 50 g of the Gln+Glu mixture with pelleted concentrate diet (6.0 kg/day/animal; 14.0% BP, 2.0% EE, EB 2.2 Mcal divided in two meals of 3.0 kg each) for a period of28 days. In addition, elephant grass (15.0 kg/day/animal, divided into three meals during the day), water and mineralizedsalt were provided. Blood samples were collected by jugular venipuncture using vacuum tubes containing heparin at twodifferent time-points: the first sampling was conducted during the pre-test and the second took place on the 28th day ofsupplementation (post-test). The blood samples were divided into two aliquots for the complete blood count and for thedetermination of biomarkers associated with the metabolism of proteins and fats...(AU)

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