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Assessment of manganese levels in the soil and feeds, and in the bodies of milk cows from central-eastern Poland administered a mineral compound feed

Górski, KrzysztofSaba, Leon

Background: Highly productive animals are characterised by particularly high requirement of minerals and the tendencyto mineral deficiency in the period of intensive lactation. Appropriate mineral nutrition of ruminants is largely determinateby soil and plant availability of minerals. The missing elements could be supplied directly in water, mineral licks, mixturesand drenches, and intramuscular injections. Study was aimed at assessing the manganese supply to cows, on the basis ofanalyses of the soils, feeds and body tissues in the herd in which fertility problems were observed and determining thedietary value of a mineral compound feed (Bovifosfomag®).Materials, Methods & Results: Three year studies were conducted in central-eastern Poland on selected dairy farm toevaluate the manganese status in cows based on soil, feed and body tissue (hair) analyses. Moreover, alkaline phosphataseactivity was determined in animal blood serum. Twenty two cows with symptoms of reproductive system pathologieswere selected from farm. Dairy cows were used to determine feeding usefulness of the mineral mixture Bovifosfomag®composed taking into account the biogeochemical conditions of the area. Soil samples were collected once from pasturesand cultivated fields at the peak of the vegetation season. Manganese content was determined using the atomic absorptionspectrophotometer. Feed samples were obtained in all the periods when the feeds were introduced as diet components.Mn content in the feeds was determined by the AAS method. Samples of hair were taken from the back part of the bodyafter first month of lactation. Hair contents of manganese were determined by the ICP method. Determinations of alkalinephosphatase activity were made by the kinetic method using Cormay monotests. It was found that manganese level in theanalysed soils were within the range of typical values reported for this type of soils in Poland...(AU)

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