Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

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ARFI elastography of healthy adults felines testes

Brito, Marina Botelho Soares deFeliciano, Marcus Antonio RossiCoutinho, Lenadro NassarSimões, Ana Paula RodriguesMaronezi, Marjury CristinaGarcia, Paulo Henrique de SouzaUscategui, Ricardo RamirezAlmeida, Vivian Tavares deCrivelaro, Roberta MartinsVicente, Wilter Ricardo Russiano

Background: Elastography is a promising ultrasound technique that evaluates tissue elasticity, characteristic related to the ability of a body or substance to return to its original size or shape after it is deformed by an external force. In veterinary, the research conducted for the standardization of elastography in tissue evaluation of the animals are recent and given the importance of this new ultrasound technique for studying the stiffness of various tissues and its recent application in veterinary medicine, the aims of this study were to describe the use of ARFI elastography for evaluating the testicular stroma in adults felines and to establish normal reference values for this tissue.Materials, Methods & Results: Forty five male cats were submitted to B-Mode ultrasonography and ARFI Elastography, by qualitative and quantitative analysis to describe baseline data for the study of domestic feline testes. The echotexture (homogeneous or heterogeneous) ecogenicity (hypo, hyperechoic or mixed), size (increased, decreased or normal) and contours and margins (regular or irregular) of the testes (right and left) were assessed and categorised via B-Mode ultrasound in longitudinal and transverse sections for research of structural changes, such as the presence of cystic areas or masses. Qualitative and quantitative elastography of the testes in felines was performed without difficulty and without sedation. Due to the location of the evaluated structures, there was no interference from movements that hindered the acquisition of the measurements. During qualitative elastography, the felines demonstrated a homogenous and not pliable testicular stroma. The rigidity observed in the testicles of felines was lower compared to the adjacent tissue.[...](AU)

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