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A study on vas deference and seminal vesicle of male goats (Capra hircus)

Khan, HamayunRind, Muhammad MisriGohar, AliKhan, NaushadSarwar, Mian SaeedShah, Muhammad KamalAli, Abid

Background: Reproductive activity of male animal is strongly associated with development of the testicle, the conductor channels and accessory sex gland. Vas deference may be considered the extra-testicular continuation from cauda of the epididymis, and it is the portion of the reproductive tract fundamentally associated with transportation of the sperm-containing fluid from each epididymis to the urethra for their finishing discharge. Non-ampulated part is further divided into: extra-abdominal portion along the caudal border of testes, up to the vaginal ring and abdominal portion started from the vaginal ring to ampullae. Accessory sex glands including vesicular gland and ampullae of vas deferens are characteristically essential for reproductive process. Gross morphometric features of anatomical structures of male reproductive tract in an animal make available a very valuable mechanism in understanding of several physiological and reproductive phenomena. The current study aim at documenting baseline data on gross morphometric aspects of vas deference and seminal vesicle in adult male local nondescript goats in Pakistan ecology that could be utilized as reference values in evaluating their congenital defects and gross pathological abnormalities.Materials, Methods & Results: Experiments were carried out on ampullated and non-ampullated segment of vas deference and seminal vesicle. A total of n = 100 local male goats of 2-3 years of age were selected for this study. Vas deference and seminal vesicles (accessory sex gland) were collected immediately after slaughter from local abattoirs. The non-ampullated segment of vas deference was further divided into abdominal and extra-abdominal segment. Specimens were dissected and washed with normal saline. Standard procedure was adopted for these morphometric features of vas deference and seminal vesicle by using vernier caliper, scale, non-stretchable thread and electronic weighing balance.[...](AU)

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