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Thoracic and abdominal wall reconstruction with polypropylene mesh after high grade infiltrative fibrosarcoma resection in a dog

Castro, Jorge Luiz CostaAlbernaz, Vinicius Gonzales PeresFerreira, Ariele AparecidaMoratelli, Clara Biange dos SantosDittrich, GustavoRaiser, Alceu Gaspar

Background: Soft tissue sarcomas are a group of invasive malignant tumors formed by neoplastic mesenchymal cells. In most cases, the treatment require surgical resection. When sarcoma characteristics disqualify conventional tumor excision, polypropylene mesh can be used for abdominal or chest wall reconstruction. This paper aims to describe the clinical, computed tomography features, histopathlogical and immunohistochemical aspects of a chest wall fibrosarcoma, as well as to describe the tumor excision technique combined with resection of multiple ribs, diaphragm advancement and reconstruction of thoracic and abdominal wall with a synthetic polypropylene mesh. Case: An 11-year-old male Boxer was presented with a progressive growth tumor in the left paralumbar area. The invasive tumor measuring 15 cm in diameter, was firm epidermodermal coverage and was adherent to the subcutaneous tissue, having a smooth and non-ulcerative skin surface. Ultrasound of the mass consisted of a heterogeneous structure comprising paralumbar region, invading abdomen and left thoracic wall. Thoracic radiography showed no signs of nodular interstitial pulmonary pattern compatible with metastasis. The dog was submitted to a CT examination of thoracolumbar region, which demonstrated the presence of the circumscribed mass, measuring approximately 17 cm in diameter in the left paralumbar region with...(AU)

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