Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1-4

Splenic abscess in a dog

Sprada, Arícia GomesHartmann, Hellen FialhoHuppes, Rafael RicardoBrun, Maurício VelosoMinto, Bruno Watanabe

Background: Splenic abscesses are rare in dogs, representing less than 1% of splenic injuries. Therefore, it has been seldom reported. The cases reported in veterinary medicine suggest trauma as the main cause of abscess formation in this organ. Due to the lack of information about the subject, the aim of this paper is to report the case and treatment of a splenic abscess in a dog. Case: A 4-year-old intact female Bernese Mountain dog was referred to the veterinary hospital with apathy and abdominal pain. The owner related estrous followed by artificial insemination three weeks prior to the referral. On physical exam the patient was mildly dehydrated and presented pale mucosal. Besides the abdominal pain and prostration, others signs were not found. The ultrasound images suggested uterine fluid collection and peritonitis. The patient was referred to laparotomy. During the procedure the uterus was normal, however it was verified peritonitis and a splenic mass of 15x10x5 cm. A total splenectomy was performed to remove the mass and two drains were placed in order to treat the inflammation of the peritoneum. The spleen with the mass was sent to histological examination and subcapsular splenic abscess was diagnosed. After the surgery, the patient was treated with antibiotics and lavage of abdominal cavity until the complete recovery. At the end of the eighth day post-surgery the dog.(AU)

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