Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1-4

Hepatite infecciosa canina em um cão geriátrico naturalmente infectado

Rossato, Cristina KrauspenharMartins, Danieli Brolo

Background: Infectious canine hepatitis (ICH) is a systemic viral disease of dogs. It affects mainly unvaccinated dogs under the age of six months. Although clinical signs of ICH are not specific, the necropsy findings are sufficient to allow a presumptive diagnosis associated with epidemiology and clinical signs. Clinician should suspect the disease when two years-old dogs or younger present acute death with abdominal pain, neurological disorders and signs of bleeding. The objective of this study is to report an unusual case of ICH, describing the clinical and pathological findings in a geriatric dog with the disease. Case: A female Basset Hound dog, 9 year-old, was presented with intense vomiting and diarrhea in the last day. The animal was not vaccinated there was two years. The blood count revealed moderate leukocytosis by neutrophils and deviation to the left and to the right, and monocytosis, besides lymphopenia and eosinopenia. It was also possible to observe hyperproteinemia and plasma intensely jaundiced. The biochemical examination showed alterations in liver and kidney parameters. After three days of hospitalization, the patient was euthanized and submitted for necropsy. Macroscopic findings consisted of increased dark red liver, and fibrin strands in the capsular surface. There was a bloody fluid in the small intestine and stomach. Serous small intestine showed...(AU)

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