Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

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Bronchogenic Adenocarcinoma with unusual metastasis in cat

Corgozinho, Katia BarãoBelchior, CristianeCaloeiro, Marcus André de FreitasCunha, Simone Carvalho dos SantosSouza, Heloisa Justen Moreira de

Background: Primary lung tumors in the cats are rare and pulmonary metastatic cancer is more common. Primary lung neoplasms are highly aggressive and tend to metastasize particularly to the regional lymph nodes, pleura, mediastinum bones, muscles, heart, brain and spleen. Digital is the most common metastatic site of primary lung tumors in cats. However, cutaneous metastases of internal tumors are rare in cats. This case reported an unusual cutaneous metastasis in a cat with bronchogenic adenocarcinoma. Case: A 6-year-old, spayed, female, persian cat was presented for vomiting and anorexia. On physical examination, dyspnea was observed and respiratory sounds were decreased in the caudal portion of the right side of the chest on thoracic auscultation. A nodular lesion was found in the skin extending into the subcutaneous tissue of the chest on fifth thoracic vertebra. On lateral and ventrodorsal radiographs of the thorax, a diffuse interstitial pattern involving the medial and right-caudal lung lobes was noted. Hematological and biochemistry analysis were normal. Antigen and antibody tests for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeciency virus (FIV) were negative. Pulmonary edema was suspected, but respiratory efforts became worse despite medication. Due to the progressive severity of clinical signs, refractory to medication, an exploratory intercostal thoracotomy was...(AU)

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