Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1-10

Aspectos clínicos, cirúrgicos, histológicos e urinários de seis cães submetidos à penectomia total

Cruz, Thalita Priscila Peres Seabra daJarrah, Amar AfifSilva, Érica Pereira daGomes, Lianna GhisiTravagin, David Ronald ParraLima, Samara RosolemRibeiro, Alexandre Pinto

Background: In dogs, penectomy followed by uretrostomy has been little reported in the veterinary literature. These surgical procedures are indicated in cases of penile trauma and/or neoplasms as well in scrotal and preputial neoplasms. After uretrostomias is commonly observed bleeding site by approximately 4.2 days. However, studies reporting the incidence of UTI in the postoperative period of dogs submitted to penectomy, followed by scrotal urethrostomy have never been evaluated. Thus, the aim was report the evolution of dogs operated by this technique, theirs complications and the histological results, urinalysis and uroculture in patients with 60 days post-operative. Case: In the study period of 17 months (March 2013 to July 2014), nine dogs showed various neoplastic diseases involving the penis, prepuce, scrotum and testicles. In nine selected dogs to the study, only six were considered due to patient death before the minimum period used for postoperative evaluation. After surgery, the genital tract along the resected neoformation were conditioned to 10% formalin and sent to the Veterinary Pathology Laboratory for tissue analysis in light microscopy. All patients remained in hospital in the postoperative period about a week, receiving medications intravenously, execution of dressing every 12 h and evaluation of possible postoperative complications such as dehiscence suture...(AU)

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