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Carcinoma de células escamosas metastático em um equino

Elias Rabelo, RogérioAloísio Scalla Vulcani, ValcinirChaves e Santos, ThaynãRocha de Oliveira Lima, CarolineFerreira Batista, JulianaMachado da Costa, MizaelPacheco Miguel, Marina

Background: Squamous cell carcinoma is a relatively commum cutaneous neoplasia in a horse, originated mainly in external genitalia, periocular region, especially, eyelids and oral cavitity. Squamous cell carcinoma metastasis was considered rare. Depigmentation, ultraviolet light exposure and actinic acantosis were considered etiopathologic factors. The squamous cell carcinoma rarely metastasizing however causes severely local invasion. The diagnosis confi rmation just was done for histopathological and citopathological exams. The following report outlines clinical and pathological findings of a case of a metastatic squamous cell carcinoma to multiple sites in a horse revealed after anatomopathological exam.Case: The case consisted of a 10-month old Appaloosa x Mangalarga horse whose owners main complaint was a multiple ulcerative tumor in the nasal region of the animal. The horse presented depigmented libs, narines, prepuce and peniane tegument. The lesion beginning at 12 months and the horse presented sneezing and intermittent epistaxis of the right narine and moderated sialorheia. During clinical evaluation, the animal presented discrete dispneia e severe emaciation. The tumor invaded into deep inner nasal cavity, causing partial stenosis of the nasal passage of the left nasal cavity. However, stenosis and bleeding is not allowed to specify the compromised extension. The loc

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