Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 01-04

Uso de prótese de bico na correção de defeito em gnatoteca de papagaio charão (Amazona pretrei)

Pedro Scussel Feranti, JoãoRoberto Silva Filho, JoséIdalencio, RenanTeresa de Oliveira, MaríliaWiecheteck de Souza, FernandoVeloso Brun, Maurício

Background: Birds beaks can be affected by a lot of abnormalities due to nutritional problems, infections, changes related to the development and trauma. Considering the treatment of fractures or other birds beaks injuries, the use of prosthesis can be an alternative treatment. Among the numerous kind of prosthetics for this propose, homologous, synthetic and mixed are frequently used. Birds cadavers are the suppliers of homologous prostetic. This study aims to report the treatment of a gnatotheca disjunction in a parrot (Amazona pretrei) using homologous gnatotheca prosthesis.Case: A red-spectacled parrot (Amazona pretrei) was sent to the zoo after an apprehension conducted by IBAMA, at this moment the animal was in a good clinical condition. After a few months, in a routine check of the birds for deworming and coproparasitological exam, it was observed a gnatotheca bifurcation. The specifi c cause was not identifi ed. Bifurcation of gnatotheca was diagnosed in one parrot. For surgery reconstruction it was implanted homologous gnatotheca prosthesis. After pre anesthetic medication with cetamine (5, IM) and midazolam (0.25, IM), the animal was kept under inhalational anesthesia with isofl urane vaporized in 100% oxygen in an open circuit, using a mask. It was administered butorphanol (0.5, IM, TID, for two days). The prosthesis was implanted using the

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