Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

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Ureter ectópico extramural em cadela

Passos Bianchi, SimoneSilva Gouvêa, AlineSchafrum Macedo, AlineSoldatelli Valente, FernandaReis Ledur, GabrielaMeller Alievi, MarceloAntonio Contesini, Emerson

Background: Ureteral ectopia is a congenital abnormality of the terminal segment of one or both ureters, in which the ureteral orifi ce is located distal to the trigone of the bladder. Ureteral ectopia results from dysembryogenesis of the ureteral bud due to its abnormal positioning along the mesonephric duct. It is frequently associated with other congenital anomalies of the lower urinary tract as urethral sphincter dysfunction, hydroureter and hydronephrosis. Ectopic ureters are classifi ed into two categories: extramural and intramural. Extramural ectopic ureters completely bypass the urinary bladder without anatomic attachment, opening directly into the urethra, vagina or uterus. Continuous or intermittent urinary incontinence is the most frequently reported clinical symptom associated with ureteral ectopia, and it is far more frequent in young bitches than in male dogs. Repositioning the distal segment of the ureter and ureteral orifi ce directly into the bladder may restore urinary continence throughout neoureterocistostomy.Case: A 3-month-old female poodle weighting 4 kg was referred to the Teaching Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (HCV-UFRGS), State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, due to urinary incontinence, dysuria and severe vulvar pyodermatitis since it was 9 weeks old. Normal posturing and voiding of urine did occur, although only sm

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