Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

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Tumor venéreo transmissível canino com múltiplas localizações extragenitais

Dantas Filgueira, KilderChristianne Xavier Peixoto, GislayneAliona Araújo de Souza Fonseca, ZulieteLopes Correia de Paiva, Ariana

Background: Transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) is a neoplasm which primarily affects the genital mucosa of canines. However, this tumor has been described in several extragenital areas. Although there are no major diffi culties to confirm a TVT when present in the genitalia, it can be confused with several conditions, either neoplastic or non-neoplastic, when located beyond the external reproductive organs. The involvement of multiple extragenital locations is poorly reported, which may compromise the tissues involved and hinder the establishment of a diagnostic conclusion. The study aimed to describe a case of multiple and extragenital TVT in dogs.Case: A two year old mongrel dog had a history of swollen nose and ocular abnormalities. The patient underwent physical examination followed by request of nose and eye cytology. The animal was euthanized and sent for autopsy; the material was intended for cytological diagnosis. It was found an increase in volume in the middle third of the nasal region. In the oral cavity, there was a tumor in the caudal third of the hard palate. Neoformations were also detected in the third eyelid. The nasal and eyelid cytological examination was compatible with TVT plasmacytoid pattern. During the necropsy, it was also detected tumors in the nasal cavity, occupying the space of turbinal bones Proliferation occurred even in the palatine bone and phar

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