Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 01-09

Prevention of calcium-phosphor-plural gel in milk fever of dairy cows

Wu, ChenchenGuo, XiZhao, BaoyuLu, HaoZhou, Qiwu

Background: The animal is tremendously challenged to maintain calcium homeostasis. Those that fail can develop milk fever, a clinical disorder that is life threatening to the cow and predisposes the animal to a variety of other disorders. Calcium deficiency disease is often accompanied with a deficiency in phosphorus in clinical cases. Blood phosphorus status has also been researched because of the prominent interaction between calcium and phosphorus at the onset of lactation. Calcium chloride can be used to treat milk fever but it has some inadequacies such as it is soluble in water and may cause gastrointestinal irritation. To help prevent milk fever in dairy cows, we studied a calcium-phosphor-plural gel based on calcium chloride. Meanwhile, calcium chloride polymer compound added to gel, forming calcium-phosphor-plural gel, would greatly reduce the irritation. Materials, Methods & Results: Preparation of calcium-phosphor-plural gel: calcium chloride gel and calcium acid phosphate gel were mixed and grinded in a colloid burnisher (pH 7.0-7.4) and contained 21.5 mg/mL calcium and 16.4 mg/mL phosphorus. The results of the hot storage stability test, cold storage stability test, illumination test and acceleration test showed that the calcium-phosphor-plural gel did not change compared with before the tests. In safety testing, mice administered with calcium-phosphor-plural g

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