Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 01-04

Mortality of cebus apella by molineus torulosus parasitism in midwestern Brazil

Pacheco Miguel, MarinaCastilho Duarte, SabrinaSilva Santos, AdrianaPacheco Chediak Matos, Moemade Almeida Souza, Marcos

Background: Wild and captivity monkeys are infested by several parasites species, mainly, Strongyloides sp. and Acanthocephala sp, which has been identifi ed as the major causes of illness and death. However, Molineus torulosus is a pathogenic nematode found in Neotropical New World Primates and causes severe illness in small primates due to severe gastrointestinal injury. In South America, the parasite was described in Cebus apella and C. olivecaeus from French Guyana and were verifi ed the occurrence in tropical forests. Thus, it is the fi rst report about M. torulosus infestation in capitivity capuchin monkeys in Brazil.Case: Two capuchin monkeys were presented for necropsy. According to veterinarian the monkeys had about fi ve years old and weighed 0.9 kg and lived in a particular park in urban with 20 to 30 capuchin monkeys group. The veterinarian described that six capuchin monkeys were found dead in two months period. One of the monkeys were found dead and another one had respiratory disturbance, apathy, prostration, cyanotic mucosa, feces with green coloration and death after four days in observation and isolation of the group. Necropsy confi rmed emaciation and moderate splenomegaly, great amount of fibrin on the intestine and presence of multifocal 1 to 2 cm nodules in small intestine with numerous parasites mainly initial portion. In the small intestine, were found s

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