Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 01-07

Correlation of sexual maturity stage with testicular echotexture in young Nellore bulls

Oliveira Pinho, RogérioSampaio Costa, DeilerBroch Siqueira, JeanneFranco Martins, LeonardoYukio Chaya, AlbertoMiranda Neto, TamiresEliza Facioni Guimarães, SimoneDomingos Guimarães, José

Background: Ultrasound images depend on the relative density of the tissues to be examined. During the period of sexual maturity, the cellular content and changes in the secretion of liquids from the genital organs assist in the identification of development changes. However, the establishment of normal ultrasound parameters for testicular dimensions and the characterization of normal testicular images are necessary to permit more detailed studies related to degenerative and pathological conditions of bovine testes. The objective of this study was to evaluate the pattern of echogenicity of the testicular parenchyma in young Nellore bulls at different stages of sexual maturity. Materials, Methods & Results: The sample consisted of 405 young Nellore bulls between 21 and 33 months of age. All of the animals were evaluated for breeding soundness examination and ultrasound examination of the testes. All of the images were transferred to the computer with the help of Image J software for further analysis. To correlate the several intensities of pixel resolutions with sexual maturity stage and to study the pattern of testicular parenchyma echogenicity of the animals, the bulls were subdivided in three age classes: 1) 21 to 25.9 months, 2) 26 to 29.9 months, and 3) 30 to 33 months. Additionally, according to the physical and morphological semen features, the animals were classified

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