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Case report of a Fungal Pneumonia possibly related to Pulmonary Neoplasia in a Labrador Retriever

Carlos Duque Moreno, JuanVaz Coutinho Alves, PriscilaHenrique Ferreira, PedroBragato, NatháliaNunes de Oliveira, Patríciade Carvalho Rodrigues Santana, Isis

 Background: The fungi of the genus Aspergillus ssp reported to cause the disease are usually associated with opportunistic infections, like, for example, AIDS in humans. The Aspergillus fungal pneumonia causes dyspnea and bloody expectoration; in endoscopy we can observe blood in the cranial lobes; in radiography, emphysema and fungal masses. The aim of this work is to report the case of a dog fungal pneumonia possibly due to an alleged lung cancer.Case: A dog named Bruce, age 8, Labrador retriever, yellow coat, weighing 35kg was attended at the Veterinary Hospital EVZ / UFG in the emergency care. The subject was very rough, with a severe respiratory distress, dyspnea, cyanosis tongue, body temperature 38.1 0C, presence of pulmonary rales and muffled. The owner reported cough caused by emesis and mucus the appearance was of reddish color. The pet was receiving itraconazole and had done an antibiotic (amoxicillin- clavulanate), without reports of improvement. CBC results were normal, without any alteration. The renal and hepatic biochemical function were well within the allowable values. The result of the radiographic examination latero-lateral and ventro-dorsal thorax was characterized by increased radiopacity of the lung fi elds, more severe in the right lobe, occupying almost the entire lobe and the diaphragmatic cardiac right side. Suggesting, thus, fungal pneumonia and / o

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