Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 01-07

Qualidade do leite cru tipo B de quatro propriedades da região do Vale do Taquari, RS

Wolker Fava, LuisaTroller Pinto, Andrea

Background: Milk is a complete food and an important source of essential nutrients. However, it can contain hazards which pose risks to the public health and their prevention depends on the adoption of good agricultural practices. Milk quality is associated with its normal physical-chemical and microbiological parameters. It depends on the nutrition, welfare and health of animals, as well as on the hygiene of the milking process, milk storage temperature, hygiene and temperature of the milk during transportation, product frauds, among other factors. This study aimed at assessing the quality of raw grade B milk produced in the town of Teutônia, RS, Brazil.Materials, Methods & Results: The infrastructure and milk quality of four farms were analyzed between January and April 2009, considering their proximity to the milk cooperative. Infrastructure data was obtained through questionnaires. Two milk samples were collected from expansion tanks and forwarded to milk laboratories in order to undergo antibiotic analysis, TRAM, determination of the freezing point, alcohol-alizarin test, determination of titratable acidity, density and fat contents. Additionally, an analysis of fraudulent substances in milk and the Whiteside test were performed in order to identify mastitis. Milk samples were forwarded once a month, during 4 months, to the Milk Cattle Analyses Service [Serviço de Anál

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