Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 01-04

Condrodisplasia tipo Dexter em fetos bovinos abortados

Wurster, FabianaMariath Bassuino, DanieleDuarte Juffo, GregorySilva Boos, GiseleMarques Boabaid, FabianaAline Bobbi Antoniassi, NadiaDriemeier, David

Background: Chondrodysplasia is a congenital anomaly related to defects of the genes that control the chondrogenesis. This anomaly is described in many breeds of cattle and consanguineous matings increases the likelihood of developing defective traits. There are three distinct syndromes known: Dexter, Telemark and Brachycephalic type. The chondrodysplasia Dexter type syndrome is associated to an incompletely dominant gene, which occurs in Dexter and Holstein breeds more frequently, yet Charolais and Jersey can also be affected. There are three recognized phenotypes in this form of disease: severe achondroplasia, with abortion before the seventh month of gestation (monster Dexter), when related to dominant homozygous; chondrodisplasia with limbs shortening, when heterozygous; and normal animals, when recessive homozygous. The objective of this paper is to describe Dexter chondrodysplasia observed in two bovine fetuses examined by the Setor de Patologia Veterinária from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (SPV-UFRGS).Case: The necropsy of two aborted bovine calves was performed by the SPV-UFRGS. The Fetus 1 did not have data, neither clinical history. The Fetus 2, a Jersey breed calf, was in the last third of gestation and came from a property with Jersey and mini-Jersey herd. Natural mating was used for reproduction, with only one bull. Macroscopic alterations observed in

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