Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 01-07

Presença de sulfito de sódio e sua influência nas características físico-químicas e microbiológicas de carnes bovinas moídas resfriadas

Hübner Bonfada, DanieleKindlein, LirisCássia Vilarinho, RitaPedro Bergmann, Guiomar

Background: Ground meat stands among the most consumed meat products, being its safety easily damaged by increasing the surface area of contact after grinding it, what facilitates the growth of pathogenic and deteriorating micro-organisms. In order to decrease the lost because of deterioration, trade has been utilizing fraudulent devices as the addition of intentional preservative such as sodium sulfite. This research aimed to identify the presence of sodium sulfite in cooled ground beef commercialized in business establishments located in Porto Alegre city, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In addition, it addressed the evaluation of the influence of using this addictive in cooled ground meat front its physic-chemical and microbiological characteristics and residual capacity in the first 48 hours.Materials, Methods & Results: A total of 55 samples of cooled ground beef, from non-noble cuts, acquired in business establishments located in Porto Alegre city, were collected. Thus, microbiological analyses for total and thermotolerant coliphorms, Clostridium Sulfite reducers, Staphylococcus coagulase-positive, Salmonella sp. and a qualitative test, for verifying the presence of sodium sulfite, were carried out. Subsequently, half of the negative samples (24) in the sulfite test were separated, and 0.04 g of this addictive for each 50 g of ground beef (0.08%) was, then, added.

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