Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 01-05

Condrossarcoma primário de cavidade nasal em um cão

Aline Gonçalves, MaiaraFelipe Dutra Corrêa, LuisSouza Quevedo, LucasSchreiner, TiagoLeite Anjos, Bruno

Background: Chondrosarcoma is a malignant neoplasm originated from chondroid cells with production of cartilage matrix with lot of degrees of differentiation. It may be found in skeletal or extraskeletal tissue, more commonly in flat bones. It most often has an aggressive behavior with involvement of bone and adjacent soft tissues, which necessitates their rapid identification, surgical intervention and therapy. Chondrosarcoma is reported as uncommon neoplasm in the nasal cavity of dogs and should be distinguished by both other malignancies and for non-neoplastic diseases.Case: A 7-years-old dog, mixed breed, male, had a swelling in the nasal cavity for more than 30 days. The change was seen in the right frontal-nasal region with invasion of the oral cavity, with serous nasal discharge and also, inspiratory and expiratory noises. Even after cytology and biopsy of the tumor to chemotherapy instituted, there was not successful and the dog was euthanized. At necropsy, there was a large multilobulated mass, with firm consistency, interspersed with soft areas in the right nasal region. In the cut surface, the mass showed staining grayish-white interspersed with dark areas, which block most of the nasal cavity causing partial lysis of frontal, temporal and tubinates bones, as well as purulent secretion of the frontal sinuses (sinusitis). Microscopically, the mass consisted of mesench

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