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Mammary gland carcinosarcoma in a new zealand white rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Ali Shahbazfar, AmirMohammadpour, HemnReza Esnaashari Isfahani, Hamid

Background: Carcinosarcoma of the breast (metaplastic, biphasic metaplastic, metaplastic sarcomatoid carcinoma, sarcomatoid carcinoma) is an aggressive, rare neoplasm that has been reported to account for 0.08-0.2% of all breast malignancies. Mammary carcinosarcoma is rare in rabbits. Carcinosarcoma is a neoplasia composed of cells morphologically resembling malignant epithelial components and cells resembling malignant connective tissue elements. In spite of the rarity in rabbits, carcinosarcoma should always be considered in the different diagnoses of the mammary neoplasias, especially those of undifferentiated neoplasias.Case: An eight-month-old, female New Zealand white rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) weighing 1.9 kg was referred to Tabriz university veterinary hospital for acute swelling on the abdomen and history of mammary mass. The complete blood count was within the reference ranges. The rabbit had been slightly depressed and anorectic. At clinical examination, the patient presented a huge lobulated mass in the mammary gland area. Clinical signs were included: emaciation and hardness in moving. Due to unfavorable prognosis the rabbit was euthanized and afterward complete mastectomy was performed. At necropsy, a non-infi ltrative multilobulated mass were observed in the chirurgic area. The mass didnt infi ltrate into the skin, subcutaneously and adjacent to the musculat

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