Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 351-356

Úlceras gástricas em suínos de abate: cultivo de Arcobacter spp. a partir de estômagos com diferentes graus de lesões

Oliveira, Sérgio José deBernardi, Roberto TesiVogt, Felipe InácioScartezzini, MaríliaHepp, DiegoLunge, Vagner Ricardo

Gastric ulcers are found mainly into pars oesophagea region of the pig stomach. The lesions occur with different severity degrees. Score 1 consists of paracheratosis; score 2 paracheratosis and mild ulceration; score 3 paracheratosis and 66% ulceration; score 4 strong ulceration. Scores 3 and 4 cause mortality; lesions score 1 and 2 are responsible by performance losses, the animals showing stomach lesions at slaughter. The causes of these lesions are variable, being the most important stress and the adopted nutrition. The role of bacteria in the development of gastric ulcers in pigs has been poorly investigated. This paper reports the evaluation of stomachs taken from slaughter pigs and submitted to bacteriological examination aiming the isolation of Arcobacter spp.(AU)

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